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Interactive voice response is a telephonic technology which automates the interactions with a database by using touch tone (DTMF) telephone. DTMF is a dual tone multi frequency commonly known as touch tone used in telecommunications, voice mails etc. IVR  are convienient and safe mode applications of automating database interaction. IVR services are usually used through  mobile applications. IVR applications generally automates the daily routine services that saves the time, pennies, another resources of the employees. IVR services are web based services access through internet. These IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services are available for 24*7.
IVR is a telephonic application. Due to that property mostly people require IVR fuctionality during the call. In a whole day, mostly people use some kind of IVR services for example, whether it is use to check funds transfer, to verify informations, manage credit cards, locations, use to automate student, confirmations, registration, appointments etc. IVR services also includes TTS(Text To Speech) functionality, this is helpful in delivering dynamic informations regarding news, weather, traffic etc.

Telecommunications industries:

Manually it is very much difficult to manage millions of calls per month, because every companies provides toll free numbers to their customers and due to it there is exponential increase in incoming calls. So IVR services play a key role in telecommunications. Customer care set up should be very effective to attract your clients and achieve an aim of more and more customers by implementing the appealing call plans companies. IVR services are more efficient and suitable. You get automated response from customer care numbers and these responses is implemented through IVRS.

Telecom industries deploy IVR applications to help their clients:

  • Customers complaint status
  • Taking and confirming Orders.
  • By using IVRS they conduct customers surveys.

Education department

IVR services are deployed by schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutional to get better and efficient results. IVR services deploys by educational institutional to answer the incoming calls and solve the queries perfectly. IVR has an automated system that helps in answers the questions and also pre – recorded voice. Touch tone keypad used to store the data into the database. Announcements, notifications, alerts, updates, activities are perfectly manage by IVR system. IVR is dynamic need to maintain the administration in the education department.

IVR systems used to tracking for:

  •  Students profile
  •  Declaration of results
  •  About upcoming events
  •  About subjects and offered

IVR  Services in banking sectors: 

 In banking sector there is great use of IVR services, per day there is numbers of calls coming and manually this is very much difficult and exhaustable to attend these calls and answer them. So IVR applications deploy by banking sector to avoid these hectic problems. All of the banks whether these are national, co-operative banks, small and big branches of banks deploy these IVR services for better results. Incoming calls regarding account details and other problems like  funds transfer, loan applications etc are easily, quickly  handles by using automated system of IVR services.

Areas in which IVR services applicable are:

  •  Loan status
  •  Account details
  •  Emergency complaints
  •  Customer care on IVRs

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