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Bulk sms is a text message that is delivered through computers or mobile phones with internet access. Bulk sms is a mode to enhance your business at a dynamic level. Bulk sms are cheap and simple to reach anybody that you want. Bulk sms is a short message service that is easily written and send with in a second. There is no disturbance create by sending bulk sms. If anybody don't want to read and find there is no use of this according to their business, then he/she delete that sms easily. But at present there is great trend to use bulk sms services. It is reliable and very much convenient as compare to other marketing tools. So if you want to grow in your business then have a look on our bulk sms services. Believe us it leads you people to a another level. 

Why Bulk SMS?

  • SMS Scheduling.

    Bulk SMS can be easily scheduled to be sent on future dates of your choice.

  • Instant Delivery.

    Every SMS are delivered within seconds to your potential customers.

  • Reachability

    Bulk SMS are reachable to 90% of population in India.

  • Quick Response

    96% of people who recieve SMS, Open them instantly.

  • Developer API

    Bulk SMS can be integrated to any kind of softwares or applications.

  • Real Time Reports

    You will get delivery reports for each SMS you send through our panel.

  • No Recurring Charges

    There are no recurring charges applicable for bulk sms, its pay as you go.

  • No Time Limit

    There is no time limit of using your bulk sms credits, can be used for unlimited period.

  • Multilingual

    Bulk sms can be sent in your own local languages like punjabi, gujarati, marathi etc..

  • Custom SenderID

    Your own brand name can be used as sender id. Ex: LM-URCOMPANY

  • Multi Platform

    Bulk SMS can be sent from any devices like mobile, iPad or laptop.

  • NDNC Filter

    All the promotional sms can be auto filtered from NDNC database.

Use of Bulk SMS

  • Sales are generated through bulk sms marketing and prmotions campaigns in your potential market.
  • Bulk sms is quickest way to increase mobile visibility in market, try it now and you will be amazed.
  • Clients can be easily updated by sending bulk sms on several events of your offers or updates.
  • Bulk sms is a tremendous way to communicate with clients and employees and keep them updated on regular basis.
  • Bulk SMS can be used for mobile campaign, marketing, advertisement, invitations, notifications etc.
  • By sending bulk sms to your clients you can make direct contact between the clients and your users.
  • Bulk sms also help in improving the service of clients and enhance the business.
  • Clients use bulk sms services to deliver their huge amount of sms to their customers.
  • Bulk sms as the name indicate that there is huge amount of sms delivery by single hit.
  • Bulk sms use by youth generations,unions etc. to keep in contact with their member base.
  • Hospitals, clinics uses bulk sms to schedule appointments reminders to their customers.
  • Bulk sms can be used in schools, organizations, institutions, industries and hospitals to send update or events.

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