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What is bulk sms?
Bulk sms is a short message service that is used frequently by upcoming generations. It is a quick way to send sms on numerous mobile numbers.Bulk sms supports the mobile campaign. It is chepeset rather than others.Bulk sms are used by insitutions,organisations,companies to promote their products. Bulk sms is a text message that is send through a mobile phones and computers with internet access on small and large groups. It is simple and convient to send huge amount of sms with in a fraction of seconds from a server. Bulk sms helps in expand the business.
What are the benifits of bulk sms?
Bulk sms are cost ef ective,it is much far cheaper than other marketing tools. Also help in making promotions in marketing. Through bulk sms you remain in contacts with your customers. Bulk sms is an alternative to those companies who are not af ord direct mailing etc. Bulk sms are used as a marketing tools. It is flexible and less time consuming. Bulk sms messages are direct and personalized to their recipients. Bulk sms have no set up and hidden costs. Advertisement,Alerts,informations,notifications,updated are send by bulk sms.
Can i schedule messages?
Yes,its very easy to schedule a message and deliver it latter on time and date.Message scheduling is very convinient process to send the bulk sms. If you schedule your message then it will definetly get delivered accrding to scheduling. It helps the people in many ways like reminders,invitations can be schedule and when these reach on that time and date it creates a communications bridge between you and your customers.
What is the cost per sms?
The cost of per sms varies from 10 paisa to 25 paisa. Bulk sms is very cheap and easily affordable. Our bulk sms services provides a relevent platform to customers to buy our sms. It is very easy and convinient to buy sms. Cost of sms also varies country to country.
How to import bulk mobile numbers?
You can import bulk mobile numbers using the tools given our web based panel. You can import from either excel file or csv. Not matter how much data you have in file, all will be imported to the database.
What if i am stuck somewhere?
We are happy to help 24x7, No matter whatever your problem is, our 24x7 support staffs are always available to support you. You can reach us either via our contact form, support center, live chat or phoen support.

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