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A reseller is an individual that purchase services and resell them on own basis. Resellers have thier own client management panel through this panel they manage thier clients. Resellers having complete API that is easy to integrate. There is no investment to become a resseller.Reseller also known as value added Resellers(VAR). The term reseller is basically a very broad term to understand Resellers are a quick and easy way to expand your business locally, nationally and internationally without any investment. By using network of resselers you can expand your brand name and promote your business.



As reseller you get:

  • Reseller having great advantage that,no investment needed.
  • Always up to date,No worries about hardware and software.
  • You do not purchase more credits until you have sold the service to your clients.
  • Voice sms service is a language independent even voice sms is very much useful to those people that are not able to read.
  • If your customers increses than automatically you have greater discount and this discount having no expiry.
  • A reseller also set their own retail price
  • Determine profit margin itself.

Resellers Adavantage

  • Have your own client management panel
  • Add margin to low wholesale rates
  • Resell keyword functions
  • Complete API documentation Available
  • Offer the latest innovations to clients
  • Utilise our rebranded terms and conditions
  • Long codes are dedicated global virtual numbers
  • Have a dedicated management tehnical team
  • Provided ef ective technical support
  • Rebrand with your logo.
  • User-friendly Panel

    All of your customers in a single account summary. Register in your own name or in your customer's name. Order online, no messy paperwork

  • Effective Support

    Your own account manager for sales support. Free support from our qualified and highly accessible customer service team.

  • Customer Protection

    A1sms will never contact your customers: that is for you to do. You provide first≠line support to your customers

  • White Label Solution

    Experience since 2006. Extremely reliable service with 100% guarantee. Affordable prices


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